Kim Gordon &
Val Cunningham

Kim Gordon

Artist's Statement

Art has been at the core of my life since early childhood. Making art is as inherent and important to me as speaking, allowing exploration of the exterior/natural world and of my place in it.

I work with landscape because it encourages my connection to the world around me. Whether I am consciously looking for compositional elements in my surroundings or walking my dog, I pay attention with all of my senses. I work hard at really seeing the land: while the light changes in the sky, birds call and fly over, the wind itself creates sounds in the grasses and leaves and carries the smells of the earth. By spending time in an environment I am able to steep myself in it, bringing back to my studio specific color harmonies and a sense of light and of movement through the landscape.

Exploring the landscape around me, seeking to develop a strong sense of place, has increased my interest in its varied components - the plants and animals that all work together in specific habitats. My interest in native plants has changed the way I garden, and has spurred alarm at the poisons used in farming and gardening. I am especially interested in the role of pollinators and the many threats to their habitats, and to their health.

PAN has fostered and maintained a standard of artistic integrity over the years and has broadened its vision beyond specific site exploration. Because of this I would propose to work with writer Val Cunningham to work with the PAN structure to create works that explore the many varieties of pollinators, how they fit into a native landscape as well as external threats, many of which stem from human activity. While we will not be limiting our study to a single place, we will concentrate our exploration on native pollinators in native environments. Our work will be mixed media, incorporating writing and visual art to create exhibit-specific works. Our intention is to inspire curiosity, share information and foster a sense of stewardship regarding our native pollinators.


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Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary


Winter Sky


Bruce Vento Nature Centre Study


Water and Leaves III


Val Cunningham


As long as I've been a reader I've also been a writer, since writing helps me in understanding the world around me.

For the past 20 years I have concentrated on writing about nature, especially birds. My goal then and now is to help people fall in love with birds, my theory being that if they love birds, they will work to ensure their survival. To this end I have been writing for newspapers, magazines and web sites to develop interest in birds, butterflies, other insects, mammals--the whole gamut.

More recently I have begun to walk my vision back a bit, to encompass the building blocks of the natural world, the plants and habitats that wild things need to live. A great deal of my effort is now focused on educating people about the value of native habitats and native plants, and the role people can play in creating places where wild things can thrive.. I have worked with my Audubon chapter to produce workshops, booklets and presentations that make the case for "bringing nature home," as Douglas Tallamy eloquently says.

I am eager to work with Kim Gordon as a Project Art for Nature pod devoted to the often-neglected native pollinators that are doing the heavy lifting in the botanical world.


Bird Suites (essay)

Bird Song (essay)

Go Native (brochure)

Building Habitat (brochure)

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