Teri Power


My work reflects my interest in how we humans are able to integrate our lives with the natural world. We hear a lot about how we are destroying the environment and of course we can improve many ways of living and change the course of how we impact on the earth. But, I am making the case that nature is very resilient. It has a remarkable ability to adapt, regenerate and continue on. In fact I would suspect that nature will outlive humankind as we know it. This optimism does take into effect the fact that we possess a lot more of the natural world than we should. We have too much cement and asphalt and too many dams. I am encouraged that world citizens are recognizing these issues as important and by those who make and direct the changes we need to make to become a more balanced and sustainable world.


Itís a lucky person who is able to spend time in beautiful places like Isle Royale National Park, Port Wing, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior and at my home in the woods in Amery, WI. These are also my sites for Project Art for Nature 4.

We raised our three girls on a farm between Baldwin and Woodville and lived there amongst the corn and hay for 34 years. Here my love of place developed. I have a bachelorís degree from the University of Minnesota at Duluth and a Masters from the Minneapolis campus. I taught art for 15 years in New Richmond.

Having wonderful teachers has encouraged my drawing and has helped me grow as an artist. Lately, I have been experimenting with printmaking, digital techniques as well as an exploration of natural pigments and paper made from my site.



Cast Paper and natural pigments
8.5 x 11"


Red Moon Risen
Cast Paper, clay, dogwood
24 x 28"


Braided Streams
Relief Print
18 x 25.5"



Cast Paper, natural fibers and natural pigment
19 x 22"



Cast paper, clay
24 x 28"