Robyn Priestly


Robyn Priestley is a non-profit administrator, graphic artist and communications professional. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been featured in several publications. Robyn holds an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

At a very young age, her interest in science and nature began to be apparent, as she filled her room with an eclectic mix of creatures of all kinds. This interest continued into adulthood, influencing her work in mixed media and artists books, most of which have themes pertaining to the natural world and our relationship to it. Her mixed-media techniques include using printmaking, painting, textiles and fibers, polymer and ceramic clay, typography and computer graphics.

The combination of these mixed-media images and techniques creates a work that becomes greater than the sum of its parts, and that can express something of the complexity of the area. The number of forces that affect the park, the history, and the meaning that Mounds Park still has to many people, make it a difficult area to explore thematically. Robyn's work may focus on one particular plant or animal, but she is also interested in conveying the landscape and the interaction that people have with it. These are impressionistic works to some extent, as no piece can adequately convey the entire landscape.


Blue Mounds


Horned Owl


Itasca II


Stream Impressions II


Zippel Bay